Lighting Control

Maybe you didn't realize it but you have lighting control already! It's that wall switch right there on the wall, you can turn your light on and off and maybe even dim the lights.

Now when we talk about lighting control of course we mean something just a little bit more. Lighting control can be something you have on one light, in one room or in your entire home.

The advantages of lighting control are the convenience, safety and energy savings. So lets take a quick look at a couple of examples and see if lighting control is something your family might enjoy.

Never come home to a dark house. Lighting can automatically come on at dusk, when you pull into the driveway or when you open the door to your home.

Automatically set the perfect light level when you watch television or a movie by simply pressing play on your remote control.

Save energy by never forgetting to turn off a light. One button shuts them all off or they can turn themselves off at sunrise.

Tap the light switch while relaxing after work and set all the light to just the right level or full on if you’re working on something requiring lots of light.

Saving Energy and being green

According to the Energy Conservation Enhancement Project at Louisiana State University, “20% of all electricity produced in the U.S. is used for lighting, but 50% of that is wasted by inefficient lighting sources or careless consumers.” The easiest thing you can do to save energy is to simply dim the lights. In fact most people won't notice when a light is dimmed just 10% but this relates to a direct 10% savings on your energy bill.

Consider these statistics from the LSU study:

Effect of Dimming Incandescent Light Bulbs
Dimming the light this much: Saves electricity Extends bulb life
10% 10% 2 times longer
25% 20% 4 times longer
50% 40% 20 times longer
75% 60% More than 20 times longer

Lets face it, when we are relaxing in our home we just don't need to have a bunch of lights burning at full brightness. We will be more relaxed an comfortable and save money by reducing the lighting level even a little bit.

Not just for new homes!

Lighting control is easy to install in an existing home by simply replacing your current light switches with special communicating switches. If you are building, then you have the opportunity to look at the advantages of a hardwired or hybrid system.

Whether it is one room or your whole house, Logical Home Technology can design and install a system that is perfect for you.

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