Home Theater

A home theater isn't always a big expensive dedicated room of your home. While it can be as elaborate as you can imagine, it can be as simple as a quality display and speaker system right in your living room. Your whole family will love a high quality audio/video entertainment center right in your own home.

Your home theater starts with two very important areas, your display and your sound system. While it is a little more complicated than that, without both of these you cannot achieve that home theater experience.

A few things to consider:

  1. What room of the house will serve your family's needs?
    Is it the living room, the rec room or is it a dedicated home theater?
  2. What is the best display for your room?
    Is it a flat panel television or a video projector? The room itself can sometimes make this decision for you depending on the space that you have and the ambient light of that space.
  3. What type of speakers and how many?
    Speakers come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. While in a dedicated theater a big floor standing speaker may be perfect, something hidden in the walls may be the best solution in a living room.
  4. Where is the audio receiver and video gear?
    This equipment is sometimes located on a stand right below the television. But not having to see that “stuff” is sometimes preferable when trying to maintain a certain look and feel to your home. Tucking that gear away in a closet or building it right in the wall can accomplish what you are looking for. We will make sure that all of the wires are hidden and make sure you can control all of the equipment even if you can’t see it.

Let us help you in designing your space, determine the best placement of your speakers, hang your flat panel, hide the cables and professionally set up your system. Logical Home Technology sells, installs and keeps your system working properly.