Home Automation

Before you go thinking gizmos, gadgets and Star Trek, home automation is really all about your family’s comfort, energy savings, security and most important, convenience. Home automation is not all about more buttons and a system that is too hard to use, but one that is there, working in the background, helping you and your family. Imagine walking in with your arms full of groceries when it is dark out and the lights automatically come on. How about pressing a single button on the way out the door that will turn off any lights that were left on, set back the temperature, shut off the music system, close the blinds, and arm the security system. An automated home provides security, temperature, lighting, and audio control for comfort, convenience, and safety. Your system can even be accessed and controlled from your cell phone the Internet or even an iPod Touch.

Intelligent management of your air conditioning, heating and blinds will lower your monthly utility bill.

In fact, your system can generate enough savings to pay for itself!